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Express Teeth Whitening 

Choose an in-Studio 60 minute Service  or  Book your Mobile Group Services Now!

You do not have to do anything specific other than brush your teeth before coming in for your teeth whitening treatment. You may want to put some lip balm on just before your appointment as your lips will dry slightly. (we supply this)

After Treatment 

Your teeth are especially porous for 24- 48 hours after in-studio bleaching, making them susceptible to staining. For 48 hours after you have your tooth whitening procedure, avoid foods and drinks that will likely stain your teeth: coffee and tea. colas. You may also want to start using a whitening toothpaste to help prolong your results 

Candidates for Teeth Whitening

Just about anyone is a candidate for teeth whitening. However, the following cases should be considered:

• People with dark yellow or yellow‐brown teeth tend to whiten better than people with gray or bluish‐gray teeth.

• Multi‐colored teeth, especially if due to tetracycline (a type of antibiotic), do not whiten very well.

• People with significant periodontal disease are not good candidates

• If you are pregnant, obtain permission from your doctor before trying the whitening procedure.

• People with minimal discoloration, (teeth that are already very white) may not see a substantial degree of whitening.


 Any current restoration you have, such as, fillings, porcelain crowns, onlays and inlays cannot be whitened, this process will remove any surface stains that have gathered on existing dental work

RELAPSE ‐ Following completion of whitening, pigments found in food and drinks will re‐stain your teeth, commonly called whitening relapse. You may use daily whitening toothpaste, available in drug stores.

We proudly use beautiful bright smile whitening products 

What are the ingredients in your gels?

We are proud to supply TWO Health Canada approved gels!

High Performance Hybrid Peroxide Gel- 32%  

  • Perfect Balance of Carbamide and Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Advanced Formula offers Faster, Long Lasting Results

  • Potassium Nitrate helps reduce sensitivity

  • Mint Flavor

  • Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Purified Water, Carbamide Peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Triethanolamine, Ethanol, Carbomer, Peppermint Essential Oil, Potassium Nitrate, t-Butyl Alcohol, Brucine Sulfat

Peroxide Free:

  • Contains ZERO PEROXIDE

  • All Natural Ingredients

  • Not only whitens, but also removes deep enamel stains

  • Excellent proven results for both take-home and chair-side teeth whitening

  • The power of Sodium Bicarbonate safely and effectively whitens and brightens customers teeth

  • Botanical blend of Aloe and Chamomile gently soothes customers gums 

  • Glycerin included for its effectiveness at delivering teeth whitening agents deep into the enamel, allowing B.B.S. to provide fast teeth whitening results

  • Sodium Bicarbonate also known as baking soda, naturally whitens and cleans your teeth by removing tough stains and unhealthy plaque

  • Cranberry is tart and acidic, which helps to dissolve plaque and make it easier for the whitening ingredients to penetrates into the enamel, resulting in greater whitening effects

  • Xylitol a 100% natural sweetener derived from vegetable sources has low impact on blood sugar, reduces tooth decay and treats dry mouth. Multiple studies utilizing electron microscopy have indicated that xylitol is effective in inducing remineralization of deeper layers of demineralized enamel

  • Aloe Vera soothes, heals and promotes a healthy mouth

  • ORGANIC Peppermint Oil adds a clean, refreshing taste plus has the medicinal and germicidal benefits of diminishing harmful bacterial growth inside the mouth, leaving breath smelling and feeling fresh

  • Chamomile Flower Extract freshens your breath and helps keep your mouth health

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