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About Microblading

Permanent Eyeliner &
Lashline Ehancemetnents

Whether you wear eyeliner everyday or hardly ever permanent liner may be for you! Specializing in soft edged layered eyeliner and lash line enhancements you will never feel overdone, but your eyes will pop and have new found demension and definition.


Lashline Enhancements & Soft Edge Eyeliner

Service Details : 
Preparing & Taking Care of Eyeliner

How long can I expect it to last?

Due to the delicate tissue we are working in Eyeliner tends to last longer then other areas we tattoo.

Minimal touch ups every few years can be expected. Areas at the lashline may never completely fade away.

We specialize in soft edge liners ( no defined wings) due to how long eyeliner lasts typically skin sags and defined lines soften and blur over time so any styles that are too defined or " perfect" will not fade as well and typically clients are unsatisfied with wings long term


Factors that will cause your Eyeliner to fade faster / Not Retain Well:

Poor Aftercare
• Sun exposure
• Exfoliants
• Strong immune systems
• Exposure to salt water
• Smoking

• Iron deficiency

Using Retinol-A or Aha on and around your eyebrows

Using Medicated Lash Serums


Does the application hurt?

We take every precaution necessary to ensure the Eyeliner procedure is as pain free as possible. A strong topical anesthetic cream is used prior to and during the procedure to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Some clients find the procedure a little uncomfortable while others report no discomfort at all.


You must keep your eyes closed and relaxed throughout the procedure we will hold you lid tight and in safe positions to ensure safety


How long is the recovery or healing time?

Immediately after your Eyeliner procedure and in the first few days, your eyeliner will appear significantly darker and defined than perhaps your desired look.

In some cases, the flakes may take longer to heal and fall off. DO NOT PICK YOUR FLAKES. The pigment is within the scab and you do not want to pull any pigment out of your skin prematurely. We all heal differently and what works on one client may not be effective on another so please do not compare your results.

The complete healing process takes approximately 6 weeks.

How do you choose a colour?

We discuss colour preferences together and use colour theory , undertones and your natural colouring to select the best match for your features and personal preference. As a rule of thumb, we choose warm blacks and layer dark brows to enhance your eye colour and not have eyeliner heal or fade blue / grey


What types of pigments do you use?

We use Canadian & American made, Vegan & cruelty free pigments , They are 100%  vegetable based with NO HEAVY METALS.

MRI Safe , Our Pigments will fade over time and are naturally absorbed by the skin.  They are perfectly safe.


How do I prepare for my appointment?


Preparing for your Eyeliner / Lashline Session!


Please read over carefully and if you are unsure , ask your artist .


  • Do not drink alcohol,  too much coffee or energy drinks ( in excess) 24 hours prior to procedure

  • Ensure you do not have EYELASH EXTENSIONS on during your appointments - we recommend having removed at least 3 days before service and not having reapplied until after you are completed healing after touch up session

  • DO NOT USE Lash Growth Suppliments / Topical Products like Eyenvy , Latisse , Lumigan , etc for atleast 6 weeks leading up the the session. USING these products increase the likely hood of migration on pigment as your eyelids become more vascular with frequent or long-term use

  • Do Not wear Contact Lenses to your appointment or during healing process

  • Do not take Painkillers, Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or anything that could thin your blood the day before the procedure

  • Check ingredients in all face products to ensure that you are not using any type of Acids / Retinols or

  • Steroids on your eye  area leading up to appointment 

  • Avoid extensive sun exposure three days before the procedure

  • Feel free to come to session with how you would normally have your eyeliner styled,

  • (we will wipe and remove all make up in treatment area before commencement )

  • Tell your technician if you have any chronic illnesses or allergies

  • Do not use skin care products with Alpha Hydroxy acid, Retinol-A or apply anti-aging/ Anti Acne  products two weeks before the procedure (anything that would lighten your skin or encourage cell turnover) to eye area & within 2 inches of brow area

  • Skip Donating Blood on the day of your appointment If you are a blood donor, it is not the best time to give. Donating might strain your body and may cause weakness.

  • No Botox 14 days before treatment 

  • No Excessive Sweating for a mininum 72 Hours ideally 1 week after service 

  • No Submerging brows in Water, Saunas or Steam rooms 2 weeks after service


EYELINER/ LASHLINE ENHANCEMENTS are not suitable for anyone with the following:

Pregnant Women , Anyone with an uncontrolled chronic illness (eg. Uncontrolled Diabetes, Lupus) or those with bleeding disorders, individuals who are on blood thinners, or who do not heal normally

Anyone who is currently ( or in the last year) taking the prescription Acutane

Breast Feeding Woman Are asked to first contact Studio for a phone consultation- and produce a physicians letter clearing tattoo service 

Those suffering with cancer  or other illnesses may have treatment with a letter from their physician clearing them for treatment , and prior consultation with artist. 

Anyone with eye disease or glaucoma

Please note : New Client  appointments are on average 2.5 hours long , please leave young children at home 

If you present for service and have not properly prepared for your session  and you are unable to  proceed  , you will loose your booking deposit.  NO EXCEPTIONS We set aside special time for your session- if we are unable to complete service we loose valuable time to see other clients & the ability to make an income- We Thank you for your understanding 

Pre- Read your Aftercare Cards

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