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Services Brows on Pointe

Eyebrow Enhancments Microblading , Hybrid Brows & Powder Brows

New Client Services Brows

Professional Consultation, Service & Aftercare Essentials Pack Incl.


3d Hair Stroke Microblading

Natural looking 3D hair strokes are blended with existing brow hairs to create a natural looking eyebrow- perfect look for someone looking for a  natural looking realistic eyebrow- does not mimic the look of make-up. Best for Dry- Normal Dry Skin Types  

Hybrid fusion of two styles, perfect for those looking for longer lasting, or bolder brow. A small Rotary machine is used to create a soft consistent shaded a look in between the hand made 3D hairstrokes .

Using a machine rather then hand tool is less traumatizing for skin, and yields a more consistant longer lasting result.


This has quickly becoming Talias most popular style of eyebrow.


Can be made bold or soft depending on client style and needs. Game changer for those with oily skin and/or athletes or those who like a bold brow without the need to add any make-up

Results are typically hair stroke effect with a soft powdery fill between strokes, as brows naturally fade strokes will fade first leaving a beautiful soft shaded brow- return for a touch up to add back hair strokes when desired or enjoy the longer lasting shaded effect for months  - years longer

Powder Brows $400

machine shaded brows

(Talias Mission,bc Studio only)

last 2-4 years

A more filled in Make-up look - when healed this look appears as a soft powdery fill , the most similar to a powered make-up effect can be created Bold or Very Soft depending on desired style.

$50 deposit due at booking, remainder due at service- During consultation client & artist will discuss style options and identify the best approach for your needs.

Touch up Services

These type of procedures do require some maintenance results last on average 1-3 years depending on age, life style & skin type

4-12 Week Perfecting Touch-up $80

(Usually Recommended after Initial Service)

Must be booked within 90days of last service date for discount

Touch-up Under 1 Yr $125*

Most clients return annually for colour refresh / Touch-up- This is great way to keep your style and shade fresh and up-to-date.

Touch-up 1 yr -2 yrs $200*

Great retention & Aftercare? Push your colour refresh / Touch-up up to 12- 24 months.

Touch-up 2 yrs- 3 yrs $275*

sorry after that New Client pricing applies

* Add $50 to Touch up Total to upgrade to Hybrid / Powder Shading  (first time getting shading)

* Add $30 to Touch up Total to add shading to existing Hybrid Brows ( not always done at every touch up)


dates are calculated from last apt date

Lip Blush Semi- Permanent Tattoo

Regular Price: $400 

Sale on now includes FREE 8 week touch up ($100 value)

Not your mamas lip liner...

Imagine never having to put on lipstick or worrying about smudges or asymmetrical lips!

Our semi permanent lip blush tattoo is a semi-transparent technique of tattooing.

The healed result resembles a tinted lipstick or lipgloss.

Technique lasts 2-5 years

We will custom create your perfect lip shade, even out tone and shape.

Professional Teeth Whitening

In Studio Teeth Whitening

Beautiful Bright Smile 

Lighten and brighten your teeth 4-16 Shades in 60 Minutes flat!

This gentle ,yet incredibly effective formula will leave you with beautiful bright white results

3 x 20 Minute Intervals under LED Light, Take home kit included 


High Performance Formula (4-16 shades)

 3x 20min intervals  | $125

Peroxide-Free Formula ( 4-10 shades)

*safe for nursing mom's

3x 20 min intervals |$125 

** Ask about adding a genuine Swarovski Tooth Jewel to Session**


Mobile Parties (5 or more persons)

Host receives their session FREE when booking herself & 5 or more friends

Talia has started her career as a Certified Dental Assistant 10 years ago, she has performed countless whitening procedures over her career, and personally trained Cherisse in the safest, most effective process. 

Tooth Jewels

Add some Bling to your Smile

-No Pain or Drilling

-Non Damaging to Teeth

-Lasts 6 Months -  2 Years

-Genuine Swarovski Crystals or 22K Gold Gems 

-No Maintenance 

1 Genuine Swarovski Gem $100

(Add to Teeth Whitening Session $80)

2 Genuine Swarovski Gems $120

(Add to Teeth Whitening Session $100)

3 Genuine Swarovski Gems $130

(Add to Teeth Whitening Session $120)

22k Gold Tooth Gem $200

Micro Needling FACE,NECK, BODY

Microneedling also know as Collagen Induction Therapy

The multi-purpose treatment targets everything from anti aging to acne scars to hair loss.

Stimulates Microcirculation and Collagen Production

Benefits include: Skin hydration, increased skin tone and smoothness - Existing wrinkles are less visible & skin appears younger looking.


Manage unsightly Scars, acne scars or stretch marks, and much more. Results become visible 24 hours after procedure lasting a few months


This skin-rejuvenating procedure stimulates the bodies natural collagen productions by using tiny needles to create micro-punctures in the top layer of skin with the goal of improving overall texture and appearance

Benefits of Microneedling include:


Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Line , Treatment of Thinning, Sagging Skin, and Facial Wrinkles.

Diminish the look of Surgical & Acne scars

Reduces Appearance of Stretch Marks


Prevents Signs of Aging

Proudly Trained in Phi-Lings by Phi- Academy for Microneedling 

Complimentary Consultation, After Care Skin Cocktail incl & Soothing Cream.

Full Face Treatment reg $200 

Full Face & Neck Treatment reg $250 

Other Treatment Areas Face & Body $99-$300

BUY Two SESSION, GET your third 50% OFF

Lash Lifts & Tint

45 min Service | $60
Unlike lash perms that uses damaging chemicals and aggressive rods, your Elleebana Lift service uses a gentle Keratin formula and flexible Shapers to create the irresistible lash curves every woman desires.
  • Natural lashes look instantly longer and more beautiful
  • Eyes open up to appear healthier, brighter, and more youthful
  • Natural lashes are abundantly volumized for a thicker, lusher lash line
  • Short, thin, and sparse lashes appear longer, fuller, and plumper
  • Unnoticeable lashes are perky and noticeable in 30 minutes or less!
  • Results last approximately 6-8 weeks
Add Jet Black Lash Tint $15
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